Richard Rook
the same touch that heals me left a scar
"The transience of the seemingly permanent is well-recognized, even though Buddhists around the world work hard to mystify it. A word or two about the permanence of the seemingly transient.

There are many experiences we hope are transient. Experiences that threaten, and ultimately destroy, meaning. Experiences about which we say, this too shall pass.

Generally they do. Unfortunately they also keep coming back. The causes change — today it is Zika, Trump and robots, yesterday it was the Spanish Flu, machine guns and George Wallace.

The transient experiences keep coming back, but the meanings they destroy don’t. Indeed, the permanence of transience is merely the negative space formed by the creative destruction of meaning. Change, as the saying goes, is the only constant.

This is a good thing".


Transient experiences are permanent.
You'll get your hear broken again and again. You'll fall in love again and again. You will feel friendship and affection again and again. The beauty won't ever really go away. All things that pass also come back.
Things that seem permanent are transient.
There's no ultimate love. Happiness is inachievable. Depression will end and so will friendship and parents and, basically, anything stable you have now in your worldview.
and this is... a good thing?

There's some strange beauty to it and also a saddening feeling...
and it shall pass, and then come back.

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